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NSLA takes great pains in knowing which companies are properly schooled in truly helping consumers and which companies simply take your money and subsequently do nothing helpful

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NSLA’s Mission

NSLA’s mission is to uncover bad actors, highlight the companies that treat you right and give consumers the information needed to make the best financial decisions going forward. Doing things the right way is something that should never be taken for granted.

NSLA’s commitment to excellence in dealing with the important financial decisions each consumer faces is a unique differentiator in an industry where companies don’t always deliver on their initial promise. It is with these core values of honesty, integrity and excellence that NSLA treats every customer.

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What We Do !

When NSLA vets a company for potential membership and certification, we request every detail of the company’s operation. We use to do background checks on the owners and other senior staff, we inspect their marketing, sales materials and contracts. carry out a systematic or formal inquiry to discover and examine the facts that their licenses and registration to ensure they are set up correctly and are operating legally in the states they are working in.

We also inspect their inner operations to make sure proper training is in place, appropriate compliance management systems are effective and they are running a tight ship. So far as we are concerned, sloppy practices haven’t any place during this industry.

Trade groups and associations are vastly ineffective in controlling the practices of their members and that they come short in every category when it involves meaningful self-regulation and consumer protection. In most cases, associations and trade groups are a “pay to play” system where members pay dues to be a part of it.

NSLA is a merit-based system and does not charge monthly “membership dues” to be involved. We took the money and financial interests out of the equation, so we will make decisions based solely on what’s right. When NSLA directs you to a resource, it is because it is the best available resource for your unique situation.

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There is a New Sheriff in Town

There’s no such thing as “Good Cop Vs. Bad Cop”, there is just “Cop”. Good companies should be front and centre, Those companies easily identified among the crowd of internet noise and pseudo-credibility. Those Businesses walk in the “grey area” or outright break the rules to make their million-dollar prize are in for a rude awakening. 

NSLA will sift the wheat and the chaff so you know who the good guys are. We will work with state and federal agencies to identify and weed out the bad actors that seek only to enrich themselves at your expense. NSLA will work diligently to identify potential risks and alert the consumers to bad practices while showcasing the companies that truly have your best interests at heart. 

The better companies should be easy to find and connect with. NSLA is paving the way for you. Bad actors, beware. We’re watching.

In fact, NSLA guarantees every customer full satisfaction and if unhappy, we make sure full refunds are received for any company we have audited- that’s right- 

A 100% Guarantee.

Creating a Safe Place for Consumers to Find Debt Relief.!

At some point in almost everyone’s life, they find themselves in financial trouble. Feeling vulnerable, not knowing where or who to turn to are common emotions and concerns. Looking for an organization to help you and give the financial guidance you need can be a daunting undertaking.

That’s why National Student Loan Advisory (“NSLA”) exists. We are a group of highly-trained, consumer-friendly professionals who have been working together for years to help you navigate the treacherous waters of managing your financial obligations.

NSLA offers help and guidance in an honest, safe and friendly manner.

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